You might be a TV addict if your DVR has a busier schedule than your planner

I don’t have a DVR. I also don’t have a planner.

But, if I did, I can guarantee you that my DVR would be completely booked — more so than my planner ever would be — and that’s because I am a television addict.

My name is Lindsay and I (happily) have a problem.

This may or may not be my bedroom door from my childhood bedroom. And those posters may or may not still be there today.

It all started back in the 8th grade with a little show called The OC. Before its arrival on my tiny silver screen, my television interests were shallow. You know, completely non-committal.

Then I met Seth, Ryan, Marissa and Summer (and Luke and Jimmy and Kirsten and Julie and Sandy…you get the point.) Soon I was consumed. I would loyally tune-in every Wednesday. Then, Thursday mornings I would hustle to the bus stop to incessantly chatter about last night’s drama and swoon over Ryan Atwood with my friends. I was hooked.

Caaaaaaaaaaalifornia! Here we coooooooomeeee!
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Progressively, I started seeing other TV shows. Soon I was having multiple dates a week with my TV screen.

I broke up with The OC after season 3 (sorry, Ryan) and over time, my TV obsessions waxed and waned. Some were casual dates (like that one season of America’s Next Top Model) while others were more long-term (I cannot believe I have devoted nine years to Grey’s Anatomy.) During my summers, burdened with a television void to fill and copious amounts of free time, I would find a show that peaked my interest and then catch up on it (Thanks to post-grad summer of 2012, I am now obsessed with White Collar and cried my eyes out over Friday Night Lights.)

My friends lovingly tease me for all of my TV-show knowledge, but please…who else is going to prepare you for what’s coming up on Glee this week? (Yeah, I read the spoilers.)

So obsessed, my sorority Big Sister decided to make it my nickname

With so many shows to keep up with, I often lose track of what’s on what night and at what time. This week was the second week in a row that I forgot to watch How I Met Your Mother. And New Girl is still on Tuesdays but Glee moved to Thursdays so I have to watch Grey’s Anatomy online since they’re on at the same time?

I now watch more TV shows than my non-existent DVR and I know what to do with — and I am completely okay with that.


What are some of your favorite TV shows?


3 thoughts on “You might be a TV addict if your DVR has a busier schedule than your planner

  1. Ohmygosh, I LOVED the OC. When Marissa OD’d in Tijuana, when Trey shot Ryan, and all the Christmakkuhs… I love that show so much. I do have a DVR, and it is full. It’s actually so full that I’m kind of stressed out about how behind I am on my TV shows lately. I love Grey’s Anatomy, Glee, New Girl, and American Horror Story (coming back soon!!!! So excited.).

    • I’ve never watched AHS. I’ve heard really good things about it though so maybe I should start. Ryan Murphy brought me the heaven known as Glee so I’m sure AHS is good too!

      Love The OC episode references. I could seriously quote that show all day. Coffee cart episode? I died.

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