You might be a ’90s baby if you’re (still) obsessed with boy bands

When I was 11, I was convinced that I would marry Justin Timberlake.

In addition to possessing tree-climbing abilities or having the latest hit clips in your collection, it was in vogue to claim celebrity boyfriends among my friends. And Justin Timberlake was mine.

I don’t know about you, but the blonde, brillo-pad look just does it for me.
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This weekend, my already-claimed boo went off the market in an Italian instant as he said his “I Do’s” with the always-perfect Mary Camden Jessica Biel. JT’s nuptials not only signified his love for another woman (the nerve!) but they symbolize something else–another closed door on my childhood.

“The other woman”?
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But don’t be fooled. Just because I’ve officially reached the age where there are now more weddings than themed birthday parties doesn’t mean I will fully succumb to adulthood yet. And just because my childhood, celebrity boyfriend is off-limits, what he became famous for is not. At least not for me.

Yes, I am 22 and I am still obsessed with boy bands. And if you say you don’t jam out to “Bye, Bye, Bye” in your car when you’re alone, well then you’re a terrible liar.

“Tearin’ Up My Heart” at age 11
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With the bridge into the new millennium came the end of an era for a while, and while all of us 90’s babies were supposed to grow up, I still held on tight with both hands when it came to my pop music.

This may or may not have been a wall outside of our dorm room at one point. And while it was a joke, I still appreciate the masterpiece. Too much?

I was elated to discover that boy bands were making a comeback this past year and I dove into that indulgence head-first. I rock out to little (okay, a lot) of *NSYNC Pandora. I watched the Backstreet Boys when they were on Good Morning America this summer. And hey, One Direction’s “What Makes You Beautiful” might be my current ringtone. I am 100 percent okay with all of that.

“The new boy band” — I don’t discriminate.
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Nothing screams childhood more than the melodious, nonsensical lyrics of ‘MMBop, and nothing makes me nostalgic like my favorite *NSYNC album.

I’ll be the first to admit it: I’m a huge 90’s girl…and I probably always will be.

I’ll take your rap music and I’ll raise you a “Tearin’ Up My Heart” or “I Want it That Way” any day.


You might be tall when you get older if you can’t wear “My Size Barbie” outfits

Everyone knows a plastic crown is so couture
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I was deprived as a little girl.

Back in the day, the hippest thing to own was a My Size Barbie. I was transfixed whenever I saw it advertised in-between scenes of Rugrats and Rocket Power. A big Barbie AND you can wear its clothes? It was every 6-year-old’s dream.

Well, as sometimes things do in life, limitations can get in the way of dreams. And my height got in the way of mine.

As a product of a vertically-blessed family, anyone could have told me that I was going to be taller than most girls my age. I could see that fact myself among the scalps of my classmates. However, making that notion logical is a completely different battle. YOU try explaining to a 6-year-old the reason Barbie’s dress looks more like a shirt is because she’s technically the height of someone who should not be wearing a dress that goes on a doll. “My size” is not a universal size–a concept that remained lost on me for years as I tried on pair after pair of department store denim.

Since my days of pining after My Size Barbie, I’ve learned to accept the inevitable fact that I am a giant. I hit my head on things–namely airplane ceilings and top cupboards in my kitchen. I look like an awkward stilts-walker when I dance. I don’t wear heels (often). Finding a pair of jeans that are long enough is like finding the lost city of Atlantis.

But, I’ve grown to (sort of) love it. And dresses and princess crowns that also fit on large Barbie dolls are so ’90s anyway.