You might be in denial if your favorite show is ending

I don’t think I’ll ever be satisfied with a series finale.

I blame it on the writer in me. She thinks and schemes of ways she could have written a better ending, but she and I both secretly know what it really is: denial.

This week’s finale of Gossip Girl is no exception. I first fell in love with Gossip Girl when I stumbled upon Blake Lively trotting up and down Fifth Avenue in New York. Cameras crews surrounded her as she repeatedly threw a fake cell phone in a trashcan take after take. Four months later I was watching the same take on my bedroom TV the first week of my senior year in high school.

"Camera phones are the autograph of the 21st century."

“Camera phones are the autographs of the 21st century.”

Fast forward six years of schooling and two graduations later to last night’s finale, where I sat on my couch and watched TV’s favorite Upper East Siders get their happy endings and calmly laugh over the fact that Gossip Girl was really a boy who was one of their own. And with the closing credits came the criticisms – and the sadness.

Gossip Girl joins the following graduated class of TV shows that, after their final moments aired, left me complaining – mainly because I wanted just ONE more episode:

The OC

My favorite gang(Photo courtesy of Google)

(Photo courtesy of Google)

After putting me through the ringer and watching Marissa DIE in Ryan’s arms, only to have me eventually root for Ryan and Taylor – you’re still going to tell me he doesn’t end up with someone long term? (No, Josh Schwartz, an extra-long train ride doesn’t count.) At least Seth and Summer got their happy ending.


How could anyone leave that incredible apartment?(Photo courtesy of Google)

(Photo courtesy of Google)

Okay, I lied. I really can’t complain about this one. I’m just bitter it’s over.

One Tree Hill

(Photo courtesy of Google)

(Photo courtesy of Google)

The realist in me who understands the plight of a writer and a creator knows that the chances of getting old actors back on the show they left is probably slim. The fan in me doesn’t care. It felt wrong watching the last episode sans Lucas (whose hair was too long in the episode he WAS in) and Peyton (who probably would have just cried the whole time and that would have been completely okay).


(Photo courtesy of Google)

(Photo courtesy of Google)

Well…Glee hasn’t ended yet. But someday it will. And I’ll probably have something to say about it. So I might as well just accept the inevitable and include it on this list now.

Boy Meets World

(Photo courtesy of Google)

(Photo courtesy of Google)

The series finale of Boy Meets World didn’t satisfy my 10-year-old heart. They were all going to New York! There’s way more story line there, you can’t just end it! Luckily, last month, Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel resurrected my childhood and are giving me another shot at satisfaction. Don’t let me down, Girl Meets World!


What about you guys? Any series finales you took issue with?


You might be crazy if you start a blog in a bathroom

Myspace surveys circa 2007: The original blogs

I’ve always been interested in starting a blog; I feel like it’s pretty much expected if you’re an aspiring writer. But up until this point, I just didn’t know what to write about. Most people who blog have fascinating things to share about their lives–but I never thought that about myself. My gift is telling other peoples’ stories, not my own. That’s why I pursued journalism in the first place.

So why start now? And what exactly is the point? Well, I’m not entirely sure myself.

Since graduation, I’ve been taking a path I didn’t exactly see coming–some of which has been a blessing, and some of which has just been absolutely ridiculous. My friends and family have often said to me (especially in recent months) that I should write a book about my absurd experiences, about how my life can often times be the biggest example of Murphy’s Law.

Well, I decided to do something better than a book (and more reasonable). It came after an hour-long battle with a work computer that seems to only dislike me. I decided to take my lunch break and somehow stumbled on several personal blogs. They were engaging, escaping and, most of all, they were inspiring. If their writing could be successful in this outlet, then maybe mine can be too–especially if I have the story material.

I marched into the office bathroom to the mirror, fluffed my hair and stared at my reflection for a narcissistic-ly long time and whipped out my phone. For the first time, I had the urge to write something about me. Not that frustrating work computers and internet browsing are titillating subject matter by any stretch of the imagination, but it was a push in this direction.

And, thus, this blog was born and I started on a (hopefully) new adventure in my writing. In a bathroom.

(Image via Google)

And who said writing a blog wasn’t glamorous?