You might be missing out if you don’t have a Twitter account

A love letter to my Twitter feed:

Dear Twitter,

Thank you for being you.

Whether it’s your ability to (often inaccurately) break news first, or your parody accounts that instantaneously go viral during a pop-culture event, I love and appreciate what you bring to my life.

Thank you for giving the closet comedians a mic and the incredibly ignorant a stage. And thank you for allowing me to laugh at both by retweeting them.

Thank you for making it easier to stalk celebrities and entertainment outlets, and making it publicly humiliating and/or validating when they respond.

Because of you, I have figured out that all of my friends are well-esteemed political analysts, and their infinite knowledge has swayed my vote this presidential election. Thanks to you, I can also find links to information that can actually help me become informed about the real issues.

I cherish the moments we have together live-tweeting about awards shows. It’s the only time where I can be a totally lame fangirl and feel like a superstar all at once.

But most importantly, thank you for allowing me to further my fetish with pop culture. And thank you for making it possible to flaunt it to all of my followers.

No matter how many estrogen-infused subtweets you’re burdened with, or long and misused hashtags you’re subjected to, remember that you’re amazing…just the way you are.

To quote every yearbook ever: You rock Twitter, don’t ever change.

Love always,


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