You might be in denial if your favorite show is ending

I don’t think I’ll ever be satisfied with a series finale.

I blame it on the writer in me. She thinks and schemes of ways she could have written a better ending, but she and I both secretly know what it really is: denial.

This week’s finale of Gossip Girl is no exception. I first fell in love with Gossip Girl when I stumbled upon Blake Lively trotting up and down Fifth Avenue in New York. Cameras crews surrounded her as she repeatedly threw a fake cell phone in a trashcan take after take. Four months later I was watching the same take on my bedroom TV the first week of my senior year in high school.

"Camera phones are the autograph of the 21st century."

“Camera phones are the autographs of the 21st century.”

Fast forward six years of schooling and two graduations later to last night’s finale, where I sat on my couch and watched TV’s favorite Upper East Siders get their happy endings and calmly laugh over the fact that Gossip Girl was really a boy who was one of their own. And with the closing credits came the criticisms – and the sadness.

Gossip Girl joins the following graduated class of TV shows that, after their final moments aired, left me complaining – mainly because I wanted just ONE more episode:

The OC

My favorite gang(Photo courtesy of Google)

(Photo courtesy of Google)

After putting me through the ringer and watching Marissa DIE in Ryan’s arms, only to have me eventually root for Ryan and Taylor – you’re still going to tell me he doesn’t end up with someone long term? (No, Josh Schwartz, an extra-long train ride doesn’t count.) At least Seth and Summer got their happy ending.


How could anyone leave that incredible apartment?(Photo courtesy of Google)

(Photo courtesy of Google)

Okay, I lied. I really can’t complain about this one. I’m just bitter it’s over.

One Tree Hill

(Photo courtesy of Google)

(Photo courtesy of Google)

The realist in me who understands the plight of a writer and a creator knows that the chances of getting old actors back on the show they left is probably slim. The fan in me doesn’t care. It felt wrong watching the last episode sans Lucas (whose hair was too long in the episode he WAS in) and Peyton (who probably would have just cried the whole time and that would have been completely okay).


(Photo courtesy of Google)

(Photo courtesy of Google)

Well…Glee hasn’t ended yet. But someday it will. And I’ll probably have something to say about it. So I might as well just accept the inevitable and include it on this list now.

Boy Meets World

(Photo courtesy of Google)

(Photo courtesy of Google)

The series finale of Boy Meets World didn’t satisfy my 10-year-old heart. They were all going to New York! There’s way more story line there, you can’t just end it! Luckily, last month, Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel resurrected my childhood and are giving me another shot at satisfaction. Don’t let me down, Girl Meets World!


What about you guys? Any series finales you took issue with?


You might be a TV addict if your DVR has a busier schedule than your planner

I don’t have a DVR. I also don’t have a planner.

But, if I did, I can guarantee you that my DVR would be completely booked — more so than my planner ever would be — and that’s because I am a television addict.

My name is Lindsay and I (happily) have a problem.

This may or may not be my bedroom door from my childhood bedroom. And those posters may or may not still be there today.

It all started back in the 8th grade with a little show called The OC. Before its arrival on my tiny silver screen, my television interests were shallow. You know, completely non-committal.

Then I met Seth, Ryan, Marissa and Summer (and Luke and Jimmy and Kirsten and Julie and Sandy…you get the point.) Soon I was consumed. I would loyally tune-in every Wednesday. Then, Thursday mornings I would hustle to the bus stop to incessantly chatter about last night’s drama and swoon over Ryan Atwood with my friends. I was hooked.

Caaaaaaaaaaalifornia! Here we coooooooomeeee!
(Image via Google)

Progressively, I started seeing other TV shows. Soon I was having multiple dates a week with my TV screen.

I broke up with The OC after season 3 (sorry, Ryan) and over time, my TV obsessions waxed and waned. Some were casual dates (like that one season of America’s Next Top Model) while others were more long-term (I cannot believe I have devoted nine years to Grey’s Anatomy.) During my summers, burdened with a television void to fill and copious amounts of free time, I would find a show that peaked my interest and then catch up on it (Thanks to post-grad summer of 2012, I am now obsessed with White Collar and cried my eyes out over Friday Night Lights.)

My friends lovingly tease me for all of my TV-show knowledge, but please…who else is going to prepare you for what’s coming up on Glee this week? (Yeah, I read the spoilers.)

So obsessed, my sorority Big Sister decided to make it my nickname

With so many shows to keep up with, I often lose track of what’s on what night and at what time. This week was the second week in a row that I forgot to watch How I Met Your Mother. And New Girl is still on Tuesdays but Glee moved to Thursdays so I have to watch Grey’s Anatomy online since they’re on at the same time?

I now watch more TV shows than my non-existent DVR and I know what to do with — and I am completely okay with that.


What are some of your favorite TV shows?